Control components with NFC

NFC symbol

NFC symbol on control component



ZIP-BT-NFC with TROX Compact controller BC0



ZIP-BT-NFC with TROX Universal Controller BU**

FlowCheck App with ZIP-BT-NFC

Operation via the smartphone



For service and commissioning of VAV controllers

Interface converter NFC to Bluetooth for extending the wireless connection with the free TROX FlowCheck App


  • Use of a wireless connection for parameterisation and diagnosis
  • Extension of Near Field Communication (NFC) to a longer Bluetooth radio link
  • Up to approx. 5 m distance between control component and mobile device
  • Powerless parameterisation already possible in the construction container
  • Suitable for smartphones with the operating systems Apple iOS or Android
  • Magnetic suction foil for easy use even overhead
  • Charging the battery via USB
  • LED display for easy status recognition

Allgemeine Informationen


  • Bluetooth NFC converter for TROX control components with NFC interface on VAV control units
  • Simplification of service, diagnostics and commissioning through wireless connection to the control component
  • Can be used in conjunction with free TROX FlowCheck App

Currentless parameterisation

  • Read actual values and setpoint values
  • Read and change parameters
  • Reading and changing operating modes
  • Setting communication parameters for bus-compatible control components

With power supply connected

  • Functional test
  • Trend recording

Parts and characteristics

  • ZIP-BT-NFC-Konverter (akkubetrieben) 
  • Kleines handliches Kunststoffgehäuse mit Positionierungshilfe
  • Ein-/Aus-Schalter
  • LED-Statusanzeigen für Einschalt- und Ladezustand sowie Kommunikation
  • NFC-Schnittstelle zu TROX/Belimo Regelkomponenten/Geräten
  • Bluetooth-Schnittstelle zum Mobilgerät
  • Magnetische Saugdruckfolie für einfache Befestigung auch Überkopf
  • Halteschlaufe für Sicherheitsbefestigung gegen Herabfallen
  • Micro-USB-Ladebuchse


  • TROX FlowCheck App erforderlich
  • Bluetooth-Pairing für ZIP-BT-NFC mit Mobilgerät erforderlich
  • Weitere Details siehe Abschnitt Produktdetails

Supply package

  • Converter ZIP-BT-NFC (battery-powered)
  • USB charging cable with USB type A plug;
  • USB power supply unit for charging not included in the scope of delivery
  • Retaining loop
  • Installation Quick Start Guide

Useful additions

  • Free TROX FlowCheck App (Android or iOs version)
    • Android version in the Google Play Store
    • iOs version in the Apple App Store
  • Third-party USB charger


Specification text, Order code

  • Specification text


Converter for wireless parameterisation/diagnosis of NFC-capable TROX/Belimo volume flow controllers via Bluetooth. With the TROX FlowCheck app and the ZIP-BT NFC converter, it is possible to access volume flow controllers up to 5 m away. Enables wireless reading and setting of operating modes, parameters and reading of current actual and setpoint values on control components with NFC interface.


Battery operated (not replaceable)

Area of application

Für Service und Inbetriebnahmen an TROX/Belimo Regelkomponenten mit NFC-Schnittstelle in Kombination mit Bluetooth-fähigem Smartphone 


  • NFC interface: to the control component
  • Bluetooth interface: to the smartphone
  • Micro-USB 2.0 for charging the internal battery


Add-on module with LED signalling for easy status recognition

  • Parameterisation of a control component without supply voltage
  • Suction pressure foil for attaching the converter to the control component
  • Hand strap as additional securing e.g. for overhead mounting
  • Expert function for showing and hiding additional parameterisations


  • NFC-Bluetooth-Konverter ZIP-BT-NFC  
  • USB-Ladekabel mit USB-Typ-A-Stecker 
  • Handschlaufe
| |
1 2
1 Type
Adjustment devices for VAV terminal units

2 Variants
ZIP-BT-NFC for TROX/Belimo volume flow controllers (NFC-Bluetooth interface converter)

Order example: AT-VAV-S


  • Varianten

Product details, Technical data


Product details

Mode of action

The ZIP-BT-NFC converter extends the range for wireless parameterisation of control components up to approx. 5 m. The range with NFC is only a few centimetres. The converter increases the distance to a Bluetooth radio link. Data can thus be transmitted over a distance of several metres. In this way, a more convenient parameterisation is made possible.
To set up the communication connection between FlowCheck App on a mobile device and the control component, the ZIP-BT-NFC converter used must be paired once with the smartphone, as is usual with Bluetooth, and prepared for the TROX FlowCheck App.
The ZIP-BT NFC converter is possible for all TROX/Belimo control components or actuators with NFC symbol, e.g. BC0, BUDN, BUSNF attachments.
The differences and advantages of using the converter are explained in more detail below.

Access only via NFC interface

To read out and overwrite the parameters in the control component, the smartphone must remain positioned exactly on the NFC antenna of the control component for up to 4 seconds. This is not always possible in difficult installation situations.
The trend display function is not available with NFC connection only.

Simplified access with ZIP-BT-NFC (NFC interface converted to Bluetooth radio link)

The ZIP-BT-NFC converter is positioned once on the controller after switching on. Subsequently, more convenient wireless parameterisation is possible over a distance of approx. 5 m.
Reading and writing actions can thus be carried out easily and safely. When the supply voltage is applied to the control component, data can be continuously retrieved from the connected device
which enables a trend display on the mobile device.

, ,

Ansichten und Parametriermöglichkeiten in der TROX FlowCheck App
(abhängig von der jeweiligen TROX Regelkomponente)

Die TROX FlowCheck App bietet eine umfangreiche Übersicht über z. B.:

  • Angeschlossene Spannungsversorgung der Regelkomponente 
  • Regelkomponententyp
  • Applikation (Durchflussregelung, Kanaldruckregelung, Raumdruckregelung)
  • Aktueller Sollwert, Istwert, aktuelle Klappenposition

In der TROX FlowCheck App sind alle gängigen Parametereinstellungen stromlos möglich wie:

  • Maximal- und Minimaleinstellung für Volumenstrom, Kanaldruck oder Raumdruck
  • Analoge Kennlinien, Sollwertvorgabe 0 – 10 V oder 2 – 10 V 
  • Analoge Kennlinien, Istwertrückgabe 0 – 10 V oder 2 – 10 V
  • Kommunikationsparameter (Modbus, BACnet oder MP-Bus) wie z. B. Adressierungseinstellung

Die TROX FlowCheck App bietet beispielsweise Analyse- und Installationsdarstellungen:

  • Status über Regelkomponente, Antrieb, Sensor, Volumenstrom, Buskommunikation
  • Angeschlossene Spannungsquelle
  • Betriebsdauer
  • Aktivzeit
  • Softwareversion
, ,

Commissioning and assembly

An installed TROX FlowCheck app is required to use the ZIP-BT-NFC converter. This is available free of charge in the Apple iOS Store or the Google Play Store and must be installed on the smartphone or tablet. When using the ZIP-BT-NFC converter, take the following steps into account:


  • Fully charge converter ZIP-BT-NFC with power supply unit
  • LED flashes green during the charging process. Continuous light signals the end of the charging process
  • Remove the protective film from the magnetic suction foil on the back of the ZIP-BT-NFC converter

Positioning on control component

  • Attach the ZIP-BT-NFC to the cable or similar using the retaining loop (to prevent it from falling down (Fig. 2))
  • Clean the contact surface of the control component (NFC symbol) so that the suction pressure foil works
  • Switch on the ZIP-BT-NFC (green LED lights up) and position it on the control component
  • Position so that the NFC symbol is visible through the positioning opening (Fig. 1)
  • ZIP-BT-NFC is held in place on the control component by a magnetic connection and a suction-pressure foil

Establish connection

  • Open the TROX FlowCheck app and open the connection selection via the menu in the top right-hand corner
  • Select switched-on ZIP-BT-NFC under Converter ZIP-BT-NFC (Pairing)
  • After setting up the connection in the TROX FlowCheck App, select Back

Data exchange

  • The control component is read out after the connection is established. A status bar appears, showing the current progress of the edit
  • After completion of the processing, the status and parameterisation can be analysed

Parameter changes

  • Changes in attitude are feasible. The message Write changes appears in the upper area of the application
  • Confirmation in the TROX FlowCheck App is required to transfer the parameter changes to the control component

Manufacturer's notes and data

Reference to the manufacturer's instructions

The product documents of the ZIP-BT-NFC interface converter from Belimo Holding AG are authoritative for the scope of functions and technical data. For further information, please consult the detailed manufacturer documentation such as product data sheet and installation and commissioning instructions on the manufacturer's website.

  • Technical data
  • Function and application description
  • Dimensions and dimensional drawing
  • Accessories
  • Commissioning and assembly instructions

Manufacturer of the converter:
Belimo Holding AG

Energy supply

Battery operation non-replaceable, 450 mAh
Charging input

Micro-USB 2.0 type B; charging time approx. 2 h with charger 5 W


Bluetooth 4.0 Low Energy (BLE) NFC - Near Field Communication for TROX control components with NFC interface

Detection range

maximum approx. 5 m (depending on environment)

ControlSmartphone with TROX FlowCheck App
Equipment class

Protection class III

Protection level

IP 20

Operating temperature

0 – 50 °C

Storage temperature

-20 – 85 °C

Dimensions L × W × H

70 × 46 × 19 mm

EC conformity

2014/53/EU RED, 2011/65/EU RoHS

Weight50 g


product information

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